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I Channels of Discourse: Robert C. Allen, “Introduction to the Second Edition”, Ellen Seiter, “Semiotics, Structuralism, and Television”, Mimi White, “Ideological Analysis and Television”, E. Ann Kaplan, “Feminist Criticism and Television”, John Fiske, “British Cultural Studies and Television”.

Pierre Bourdieu: Om televisionen.

Noël Carroll, A Philosophy of Mass Art (Routledge, 1998) och “Is the Medium a (Moral) Message?”, i Media Ethics (red. Matthew Kieran, 1998)

John Ellis, Visible Fictions: Cinema, Television, Video. (1982).

John Fiske: Television Culture

Marshall McLuhan: Essential McLuhan , E. MacLuhan & F. Zingrone (eds, 1995) och “Television: The Timid Giant”, i Understanding Media.

Neil Postman: Underhållning till döds. (1985)

Raymond Williams on Television: Selected Writings, Alan O’Connor (ed.)

Texter på nätet

Marshall MacLuhan
The M.M. Center on Global Communications
Marshall MacLuhan
The definitive video archive
Cyberwar, God And Television: Interview with Paul Virilio, Louise Wilson.
(c-theory, 1 December 94)
Listening to Feedback
Steven Johnson

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