Book reviews by Allen


Review of the journal Ciné-tracts 1977-1982, Framework 20, 57-8.


"Re-Writing American Film History", on The Classical Hollywood Cinema by Bordwell, Staiger & Thompson, Framework 29, 86-95.


"Brushing classical Hollywood narrative against the grain of history", on Power and Paranoia: History, Narrative and the American Cinema, 1940-1950, by Dana Polan, Camera Obscura 18 (September), 136-45.


Signatures of the Visible, by Fredric Jameson, Film Quarterly 45:4 (Summer), 63-4.

* * *

Film reviews etc

Before the Nickelodeon: The Early Cinema of Edwin S. Porter (US, Charles Musser, 1982), Framework 22-23 (Autumn, 1983), 12-13.

Crimes and Misdemeanors (US, Woody Allen, 1989), Cineaste 17:4 (1990), 44-46.

The Life and Death of 9413 A Hollywood Extra (US, Florey & Vorkapich, 1928), Framework 21 (Summer, 1983), 10-14.

El Norte (US, Gregory Nava, 1983), Framework 26-27 (1985), 86-89.

Festival report: Turin 1982, "Turin - electric shadows", Framework 19 (1982), 53-55.

Festival report: Pesaro 1983, Framework 22-23 (Autumn, 1983), 74.


Richard Allen has also frequently written film criticism for The Psychoanalytic Review.

Reviews and criticism of Allen


Carroll, Noël, "Replies to Hammett and Allen" (on "Representation, Illusion and Cinema", in Carroll: Theorizing the Moving Image, 360-371.


Buckland, Warren, "Traditions and Innovations in Film Theory" (on Projecting Illusion & Murray Smith's Engaging Characters), Quarterly Review of Film and Video 16:2, 297-19.


Bardsley, Karen, "The 'I' of the Beholder", Film-Philosophy Electric Salon March, 1998.

Dix, Andrew, Review of Projecting Illusion, Journal of American Studies 32:2 (August), 363-7.

Books by Allen

Projecting Illusion: Film Spectatorship and the Impression of Reality (Cambridge UP, 1995) 176 pp. [ISBN:0-521-47015-3]

Anthology edited with Murray Smith: Film Theory and Philosophy (Clarendon Press, 1997) 474 pp. [ISBN:0-19-815921-8]

Anthology, edited with S. Ishii Gonzalès: Alfred Hitchcock : Centenary Essays (Indiana University Press / Bfi Publishing, 1999)



"Critical Theory and the Paradox of Modernist Discourse", Screen 28:2 (Spring), 69-85.


"From Exhibition to Reception: Reflections on the Audience in Film Theory", Screen 31:4 (Winter), 347-356.

Dissertation: Representation, Meaning, and Experience in the Cinema: A Critical Study of Contemporary Film Theory


"Cinema, Psychoanalysis, and the Film Spectator", Persistence of Vision 10, 5-33.

"Representation, Illusion, and the Cinema" Cinema Journal 32:2 (Winter), 21-48.


"Avian Metaphor in The Birds", Hitchcick (1997-98), 40-67.

"Introduction: Film Theory and Philosophy" (with Murray Smith), in Film Theory and Philosophy, 1-36.

"Looking at Motion Pictures", in Film Theory and Philosophy, 76-94.


Discussion: "Film Spectatorship: A Reply to Murray Smith", The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 56:1, 61-3, with a reply by Smith following, 63-5.


"Hitchcock, or the Pleasures of Metaskepticism", October 89 (Summer). Reprinted in Alfred Hitchcock: Centenary Essays, 221-237.

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