Richard Allen bibliography. Allen is Associate professor and Chair of Cinema Studies at New York University. Link to his home page.

R. W. Beardsmore bibliography. Dick Beardsmore (1944-1997) spent most of his career philosophizing at the University of Wales.

Nol Carroll bibliography. Carroll teaches at The University of Wisonsin, Madison. PhD. in Cinema Studies, NYU, PhD. in Philosophy, University of Illinois, Chicago. Link to his home page.

Bibliography of Stanley Cavell on film. Stanley Cavell is the Walter M. Cabot Professor of Aesthetics and General Theory of Value at Harvard University. Link to his home page. Info on "Cavellist" e-mail forum.

Berys Gaut bibliography. Gaut is a Lecturer in Moral Philosophy at St. Andrews. He holds a doctorate from Princeton University, and is Reviews Editor of The Philosophical Quarterly. Link to his home page

Alfred F. Guzzetti bibliography. Guzzetti is a director of documentary and experimental films, and is the Osgood Hooker Professor of Visual Arts at Harvard University.

Bibliography of Oswald Hanfling on aesthetics. Recently retired from the chair of philosophy at the Open University, now teaches philosophy at the University of Wales, Lampeter. Link to his home page.

Karen Hanson. Hanson is professor of philosophy and adjunct professor of both women's studies and American studies at Indiana University. Link to her home page.

Peter Lamarque bibliography. Lamarque is Ferens Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hull and editor of the British Journal of Aesthetics.

Flo Leibowitz bibliography. Leibowitz is Professor and Director of graduate studies in philosophy at Oregon State University. Link to her home page.

Gilberto Perez bibliography. Perez is a professor of film studies at Sarah Lawrence College and film critic for The Yale Review.

Carl Plantinga bibliography. Carl Plantinga is an associate professor of Film and director of the Screenwriting and Film Studies Program at Hollins College. Link to his home page.

William Rothman bibliography. Bill Rothman is Associate Professor at the University of Miami, and is editor of the "Cambridge Studies in Film" series. Link to his home page.

Murray Smith bibliography. Smith is Professor of Film Studies at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

B. R. Tilghman bibliography. Ben Tilghman is Professor of Philosophy at Kansas State University.

George M. Wilson bibliography. George Wilson is Professor of Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University. Link to his home page.


These bibliographies are partly a result of working afternoon shifts at a library with too much time on my hands, while also having access to a computer and bibliographic search programs. These are people I find especially illuminating and inspiring in my interest in the philosophy of film viewing, and I feel greatly indepted to them. I've set up these bibliographies in part for my own convenience, but I'd be happy if at the same time I'm helping others to track down these interesting articles. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or comments, it would be nice to know if anybody out there finds them useful.

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