Reviews by Hanson


Mystifying Movies, by NoŽl Carroll, The Philosophical Review 100 (October), 663-5.

Reviews of Hanson

The Self Imagined

Frazer, Elizabeth, Mind 97 (January, 1988), 134-5.

Books by Hanson

The Self Imagined: Philosophical reflections on the social character of psyche (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986), 152 pp. [ISBN:0-7102-0559-7]

Anthology edited with Kenneth R. Johnston, Gilbert Chaitin and Herbert Marks: Romantic Revolutions: Criticism and Theory (Indiana UP, 1990) [ISBN:0-253-33132-3/0-253-20562-X]


Imagination and the Self Harvard University, 1980.



"Being Doubted, Being Assured", in Images in Our Souls (Johns Hopkins UP), 187-201.

"Minerva in the Movies: Relations Between Philosophy and Film", Persistence of Vision 5, 5-11.


"Romanticism without Wordsworth", in (Johnston/Chaitin/Hanson/Marks eds) Romantic revolutions: Criticism and Theory


"Dressing Down Dressing Up: The Philosophic Fear of Fashion", in Aesthetics in Feminist Perspective (Indiana UP), 229-41.


"Provocations and Justifications of Film", in Cynthia A. Freeland & Thomas E. Wartenberg (eds), Philosophy and Film (Routledge, 1995), 33-48.


"Between Apathy and Advocacy: Teaching and Modeling Ethical Reflectioin", New Directions for Teaching and Learning 66 (Summer), 33-36.+


"How bad can good art be?", in Jerrold Levinson (ed): Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection Cambridge UP, 1998, 204-226.

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